“It is really now we feel that we have started our commercial journey”

Says Anzyz’ CEO Kristian Hernes in the recent article made by AdvokatWatch Norge :

Anzyz Technologies, has released the second greatly improved version of AnzyzLegal, an AI solution designed to help lawyers analyze large volumes of text quickly and accurately. Anzyz sees the legal industry’s increasing focus on AI, especially among large law firms.

Kristian Hernes, believes that AI adoption is essential for lawyers to remain competitive and efficient. While larger law firms are embracing AI, smaller firms’ adoption varies.

Hernes points out that the current generations in the legal industry are interested and eager to learn more about technology.

“They see that AI is something they must learn because it makes them more efficient in their work” Hernes said, before issuing a statement: “The ones who resist, might may find themselves in a situation where they fall behind, and nobody wants that.”

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